Membership Reporting

To keep our records up to date, we need to know who your members are.  The form found on this link is a printable form.  However, we would encourage you to fill it out on the computer, save it, and send an electronic copy of it (and the appropriate funding!) to our Treasurer, Pat Johnson. 

If you have any questions, please contact Myron.

Note--this form is a workable, saveable spreadsheet.  When you download it, instead of showing up on your screen, it may:

  1. ask you what program you want to use to see it
  2. go into your download file

If it asks for a program, choose any Excel option.  If you see a blank page, check in your download file for the spreadsheet!  Or use an invective or two and call a grandchild to help you!

Membership Reporting Form

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